Featured on this page are the thoughts and opinions, feelings and emotions, and the astounding creativity of some of our students. The topics may range from cartoons to hobbies, school events to world history and almost any other subject under the sunny skies at Barbers Point Elementary.

Barbers Point School Functions

by Shannon Cote and Courtney Malone

Aloha, our names are Shannon Cote and Courtney Malone. We are both 5th graders at Barbers Point Elem. at Barbers Point, Hawaii. As you have probably heard Barbers Pt., is a very wonderful school, and some of the things that make it so wonderful are all of the things that go on at our school. We are here to tell you what is unique about our school and why we think it is so wonderful! To start off, our school has these 3 activities. One, is our Barbers Point track team. Another is our boys and girls basketball team. We also have a program called K.B.S. that stands for Kids Broadcasting System which is our school news that comes on every Wednesday at 8 :00. Another opportunity is J.P.O, it stands for Junior Police Officer. The JPOs help the younger kids cross the street without getting run over. Some other things that makes our school unique is our 100th day and Math day which are both celebrated on the same day. We celebrate by having all 5th graders help out with one math booth. All kids come to all different booths. Like 3rd graders might go to a certain booth and the 4th graders will go to different ones. Another thing that is sooooo COOL about our school is May Day. We celebrate May Day by dressing up like old Hawaiians and do a Hula or a chant in Hawaiian. As you can tell it comes every once a year in the month of...... MAY! We love Barbers Point Elementary! It is a too cool school! We hoped you enjoyed our page and if you want more info. you can mail us back or find other pages. Well we guess we better go ahead and end this letter so........Aloha, Courtney and Shannon

I've Got that JPO Feeling!

by Lindsay and Monica

Hi, our names are Lindsay and Monica. We are in the fifth grade room 32 Barbers Point Elementary School in Hawaii. What we like about our school is J.P.O.. Incase you do not know what that means it means Junior Police Officer. It is so much fun because we get to help the kids cross the street and make sure no cars run them over.The hard part of being a J.P.O. is that you have to be at school at seven o'clock or you will not be promoted. The ranks are private, sargeant, lieutenant, and captain. But, we think it is worth it because we are representatives of our school. we are very nervous to go to our competition because we might make a mistake. In J.P.O. we are learning English left and right. We guess it is sort of complicated because all the steps are confusing . But, we have almost got the hang of it. Well see you later.

The Barbers Point Basketball Team

by Jose Atanacio and Jonathan Sombke

Each year in our school we have a basketall team. The BPES basketball team is comprised of boys and girls from the 5th and 6th grades. Each year a few games are scheduled at the Campbell High School gym against other schools. We could only have ten to twelve people on the boys basketball team, and for the girls basketball team they could only have ten to twelve people, just like the boys. You also get your picture in the yearbook. The coach for the boys basketball team is Mr. Hamada, and the coach for the girls basketball team is Mr. Mishina. We have practices every lunch recces from 12:00 to 12:25 .


by Jose Atanacio and Jonathan Sombke

The Barbers Point track team is made up of 5th and 6th graders of Barbers Point Elementary School. Before the track meet we practiced every Friday and some other days for two hours. We would practice 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 800 meter Relays, and long jump. On the track meet we go race against other elementary schools. If you get first, second, or third place you win a medal. The coach for the track team is Mr. Hamada.


by Marc Rosario and Lawrence Brooks

Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn N.Y. Mr. Jordan was a college basketball player at the University of North Carolina. When he got older, he joined the Chicago Bulls and became the National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player(M.V.P) in 1988. By 1992, he scored 32.3 points in 589 games for the Bulls. People called him Air Jordan because the distance he leaped. He was in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 with the U.S.A. Dream Team and won a gold medal. In 1994, Micheal Jordan retired basketball and joined baseball, for three months. Jordan returned to basketball and cried because his father died on Father's day and did not see his championship game in 1995. When Jordan returned, his Bulls jersy was changed from 23 to 45, but after awhile, his number was changed back to 23. Michael Jordan had 129 steals, 2267 points, 4879 rebounds, and 739 blocks, and his 3 point% was .332 in the year 96-97. Jordan's wife is named Juanita, and he has three kids named Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. Jordan wears his North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck, Jordan also made a movie called "SPACE JAM". Jordan hosted Saturday Night Live in 9/28/91. Jordan was one of the 1996 NBA-ALL Defensive Team. Michael Jordan's team, the Chicago Bulls was Central Division champions, and the champ of the Eastern Conference, and NBA world champions.

Omaha Beach

by James and Blair

D-day ( June 6th 1944 ) was the beginning of the liberation of Europe. Although all five beaches were defended, the troops that landed on Omaha Beach got it the worst. At the time most of the German 352nd Division was training at Omaha so as the Americans, consisting of the 1st & 29th ( The Big Red ) Infantry Divisions, hit the beaches they got hit by a terrible arsenel of weapons! As the M-4 Shermans hit the beach the powerful German 88 anti tank guns blew them to pieces. Not only were the tanks getting it hard but the troops practically were pinned as soon as the door opened. The Navy's powerful 16 inch guns coudn't even take the Pillboxes and Bunkers out. The Airforce planned on bombing the beaches, but the idea was abandoned due to bad weather and the thought that they might hit their own troops. General Bradley even considered pulling the 1st and 29th out but slowly they crawled upthe beach knocking out the strong points one by one and finally established a beachhead. It's amazing that they were able to pull this off considering that theylanded all spread out and the tanks landed far away from the inantry. Most troops were hiding or behind beach obstacles and the seawall, pinned down by German machine guns.

The easiest beach ( Utah Beach ) also was taken by the Americans. The funny thing was that the airplanes and battleships had pounded one spot so the infantry would get though easily but once again they landed off target. This time to their advantage because not many Germans were in the area.

Football Players and Other thoughts

Hi, our names are Paul Boylen and James Waite.

(Paul) I am 11 years old. I am short and I am a boy (and in case you don't know, I want to be a paleantologist, archeologes, geologist, or marine biologist. (look them up if you do not know what they are). My favorite subject in school is Math. I like to build models and collect sports cards.

(James) I am 11 years old and I am a liitle bit taller than Paul. I am a boy. I want to be a comic book artist and a football player. I like the subject Reading in school. I like to draw, play sports, playstation, and building models.

(James and Paul) We will be comparing football players and teams.

(Paul) my favorite team is the CHARGERS and the COWBOYS. One of my favorite players is Troy Aikman.

(James) my favorite team is the COWBOYS. My favorite player is Troy Aikman. Go Cowboys!

School Activities

by Kim and Jimmy

Our school year has many fun activities all throughout the school year. There are very interesting, exciting, and unique activities. Here is a list of some of our activities this school year:
1. Up to 4 school dances a year
2. A Christmas program
3.Math Day
4.May Day
5. Track Day
6. Talent Show
7. Chorus Performances
8. Geography Bee
9. Hawaii Theater for Youth
10. Camp Erdman
11. Challenger Center

And these are just some of the more memorable ones. The Challenger Center is an experience you will never forget because it is in memory of Ellison Onizuka, who died in the Challenger shuttle mission in 1987. We have a teacher named Mrs. Onizuka, who is the sister-in-law of Ellison Onizuka. It is a fast paced space flight simulator. We think the Challenger Center is a most fun experience.


by Rohanie and Alyssa

Warner Bros. came up with Looney Tunes. Steven Speilberg came up with Tiny Toons. The most popular looney tune next to Bugs Bunny is Lola Bunny, she came in the new hit movie "Space Jam".

Other looney tunes characters are Porky, Daffy, Taz and little sweet Tweety while the Tiny Toons were created after like Buster and Babs (no relation) Hamton,Plucky, Dizzy and cute little Sweety.

The newest Looney Tune is Lola Bunny, she arrived in November 15,1996 in the movie, Space Jam. She is Bugs' girlfriend. She has yellow hair and peach fur and she has a thing for basketball. She wears a yellow shirt and purple shorts, and her most quotable quotes are "I'll do my talking on the court!" and "Don't ever call me doll!"

Bugs is Lola's boyfriend. He has gray fur and loves carrots! His most quotable quote is "Eh.... Whats up Doc?" Little Tweety, isn't he cute? He is a yellow and small bird. His most quotable quote is "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"

And now on to the Tiny Toons!! First off is Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) then Plucky, Shirley the Loon, Hamton, and Fifi LeFew. Buster and Babs are boyfriend and girlfriend and so are Plucky and Shirley the Loon. Since these toons are younger, they go to Acme Loonaversity to learn wild takes, anvil dropping, and spotlight stealing(Plucky). Buster and Babs are the main characters and the sidekicks are Plucky and Hamton. The tiny toons are the equals of the Looney Tunes. So that's all folks!!


by Ryan Ogden and Kahawai Alana

A bicycle is a simple machine, as well as a fuel- efficient vehicle, a bike has two wheels a frame and a steering mechanism a set and to pedals.


The best types of bikes that are known are BMX Bikes, utility bikes, and ten speed bikes. The choice of a bike depends on the riders needs. BMX bikes are also called bicycles motor cross or dirt bike, it became popular in the early 1960s. Many teenagers wanted to race BMX Bikes. Many BMX riders race on dirt tracks no longer than 3/4 of a mile. They compete in bike handling, cotral skids, and leaping over various herdals. For bike safety, they always have to wear helmets, face masks, gloves, and protective pads.


To enter in a race, your bike requires quality parts and a light weight frame. Riders should be in good condition and good talent with bikes. There are many levels of bike racing. Most bicycle racing in the United States is done by amateurs. In Europe,and many other areas were racing is popular, professionals dominate the sport.

The Rainforest

by Katherine and Courtney M.

There is little rain forest remaning on earth today which is being cut down or burned to make room to produce food and furniture . As we do this we are effecting a huge role here on earth , When the rainforest is burned millions of tons of carbion dioxide is being let into the air which upsets the balance of the atmophere this contributes to global warming .

As we go along cutting down and burning trees , animals are forced to move to safer grounds which is becoming closer and closer to the citys and towns . Many of the plants that get burned may have or could be cures for a disease such as aids . If we go about like this , our earth will be nothing but water and we will be called water world instead of earth.

Endangered Animals and the Causes are animals that have very little numbers of their own kind. The numbers of endangered animals increases every year.

The whale is included as an endangered animal because they are hunted for their blubber which is turned into oil to make lipstick.Some whales are being protected by law but some people hunt them ilegally.This becomes a threat to them and also contributes to their extinction.

Tigers are also endangered because they are poached for their skins to make coats and clothes. Just like the whale, the tiger is also protected by law but they are also hunted illegally.

Other animals like the Leopard, The Hawaiian monk seal, Orangutan, and other animals are also endangered and we wouldn't want them to become extinct like the dinosaurs.


by Jamie K.

Welcome to Name that War. And here's your host JAMIE KING!!!

JAMIE: Welcome to today's show. Today's contestants are Sarah Clinton, Fernando Knapp, and Dianne Squier. In our first round, I will ask multiple choice questions. But first, let's get to know the contestants. So, contestant #1, I understand that you are on a swim team and take music lessons. How long have you been on a swim team?

SARAH: Well, I've been on the Barber's Point Swim Team for about a year.

JAMIE: Nice. #2 You have won art awards?

DIANNE: No. I was a finalist in an art contest.

JAMIE: Oh......#3 So you are on a basketball team?

FERNANDO: Yes, I'm on the Barbers Point basketball team.

JAMIE: OK. Let's get on with the game. The first question is: If the war started in 1961 and ended more than ten years later then what year did it end? In 1967 or1975?

FERNANDO: Um 1967? no... 1975 no...1967 yeah.

JAMIE: I'm sorry, Fernando that is incorrect. The correct answer is 1975. The next question is, if Ho Chi Min was president during the war for one country, then was J.F.K. or Ngo Ninh Diem president for the other country?

SARAH: Ngo Dinh Diem?

JAMIE: Yes, that is correct! Now the last and final question of this round , it will determine who will go on to the second round. The question is, If more than one million nintey nine people died how many people died in the war? one million fifty or two million?

DIANNE : Two million?

JAMIE: Yes that is correct! Now a commercial break!!

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JAMIE: Welcome back ! The two contestants that will be moving on to the second round are Dianne Squier and Sarah Clinton. I'm sorry Fernando but even though you didn't make it to the second round you will receive a door prize of a trial sized Scrubba Dub Dub Three Men in a Tub Sub soap. Thank you for joining Name That War game show. And back to the two remaining contestants. Now the questions will become more difficult for our contestants so as for us to see the winner in this round. the first question is , how many people were injured, if there were more than 9,999 but less than one million five?

DIANNE: Um...... one million two?

JAMIE: I'm sorry, but the correct answer is one million. Next question is, if there were three U.S. Presidents during the war and in order they were President Kennedy, President Johnson and what other President?

SARAH: President Nixon?

JAMIE: Yes, that is correct! Now Sarah will go on to the last round. Thank you for playing Katherine, you will receive a new frisbee plus the trial size bar of Scrubbadub soap. Now Sarah will continue.. If she doesn't answer this question right in 20 seconds, she will loose the game. Sarah, your question is - What war were we talking about in the questions before?

SARAH: The Vietnam war?

JAMIE: That is correct! You've won the game! Congratulations! That concludes our show for today. Thank you for watching, see you next time on NAME THAT WAR!

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