My personal reaction to the book is that it has the same ideas as may other books and articles. The idea to develop a reform in technology. I believe in order to reach the students in technology, we have to reach the teacher first. We have to educate the teachers first through staff development and hands-on in building the Lan system themselves (ownership). Get the teacher 110% involved in the computer. It needs to be done from turning it on to making your own home page. If the teachers see a value in technology, then the students will get the rewards.

Our discussions on the chat line seem to be like on book. We said and revisited ideas that have been visited before. Except the idea from Met got me to think. To have a global technology program, we need to incorporate the computer technology (e-mail), video technology (to see), and snail mail technology (hands-on, bears, cloths, dried foods, etc.) To coin an old Chinese proverb, I hear it; I forget it. I see it; I remember it. I do it; I know it.

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