Date of Visitation: Oct. 20, 1997

Site: DeSilva Elementary School, Hilo

Contact Persons: Sarah Feirra and Ruby Hokada.

Hardware Components: One 6 port server.

The Lan system I observed was very hurriedly done. The person ran fiber-optics from the office to the library. A run of about 300 feet plus. It is loosely looped over the trusses in the walkway. When the fiber close to the library, it is nailed by the plastic fastener to the facer board.

The hook-up connects to three computers in the library. How much use to the students get out of this? I do not know! I believe the use of the technology in integrated curriculum is very little if not rel.

Sarah, Rudy and myself measured a new leg of the Lan system. We measured 4 drops (one-tele) at 4 stations in the computer lab. We are scheduled to install it on Nov. 14, 1997.

On Nov. 14, 1997 a group of DeSilva Teachers and myself put in the lab. We ran two lines for the Counselor and one temporary line for Sarah. The computer lab is up and running.

During Christmas break a group of DeSilva Teachers ran three more rooms. Now, they have the computer lab and 5 rooms complete. I am sure the curriculum is being integrated by the internet use as well as the computer itself.


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