Reaction To: Edutrends 2010

-Why and how should educators restructure education for the 21st century?

Why? There is something to what Thornburg said about the physical appearance of schools not changing since the 1950's, because most schools in Hawaii pre-date the 50's. There might not have been change in appearance; However, I believe there has been some restructuring.

We do have computers, calculators, and overhead projectors, etc. But this is not why! Why is because the business fields asks us for students with basic skills, work-ethics and the ability to solve problems. World research in math and science ability shows the only difference between us and them (Japan, Norway, etc.) Is we push 10 to 15 topics a year at the students. They only use 6 to 7 topics and master them.

How? So, if we restructure our periods to block scheduling, we can still do the basic skills using 6-7 topics per year and have time to work on work ethics and problem solving skills. We would have time in the block to incorporate McCarthy's teaching to learning styles. In one 45 minute period we do not have time to hit all styles. With block we do.

To answer work-ethics: We restructure to hit all tenth grades with career-awareness and work-ethics in health/guidance classes. The STW reform is working on a check list right now for students. The list will have the skills (mock interviews, dress, communication, etc.) they need before going out on shadowing, apprenticeships and internships.

To answer problem solving: With the block scheduling the teachers can integrate in their curriculum problem solving strategies (hands on, samples, etc.). There are all kinds of material out there (Internet, publishers, etc.).

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