"Simply Hydroponics"


An E-School Project


     Can you imagine growing your own cucumbers in the winter? Picture yourself enjoying fresh flowers and vegetables from your own garden year-round. Impossible? Not so with hydroponic gardening systems.


     "Simply Hydroponics" is a 13 week interactive and hands-on course in learning how to grow garden fresh produce in water. Simple methods of growing a variety of plants hydroponically will be focused on in this course.


Overview/Course Description
Unit of Study
Objectives - Performance Standards

Unit 1 What is Hydroponics?

Learner Outcomes

Unit 2 History of Hydroponics

Schedule - Timeline

Unit 3 Starting A Simple Hydroponic Garden

Student Template

Unit 4 Care & Maintenance

Assessment Rubric

Unit 5 Pests & Diseases

Resource Page

Unit 6 "Explorations into Plant Research"

T3 Project Participants

Unit 7 Independent Study - "Explorations in                  Hydroponic Gardening"

          Assessment Rubric

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