What is Hydroponics?

Unit 1: Monday, April 5, 1999

Friday, April 9, 1999


     The name "Hydroponics" was created from a latin word which means "Working Water". To most of us, it actually means growing plants without soil by supplying all needed nutrients in the plant's water supply.

     Unlike soil gardening, with hydroponics, there is no need for a shovel, hoe, or plough for planting and harvesting crops. After much exploring and investigating with soiless gardening, scientists found a process consisting of combining a chemical mixture with water, placing the plant seeds in plastic tubes filled with some sort of soil-like material (growing medium), and inserting these tubes through a cardboard placed directly above the chemical solution. When scientists discovered this new and easy way to grow plants, farmers and gardeners began to grow much of their crops hydroponically. Since then, both farmers and scientists been experimenting with different methods of hydroponics to find a method which works best for them.

     Today, there are hundreds of different methods of hydroponic gardening. In creating a system one must consider:

     Although the system may vary, the basic needs of the different hydroponic systems remain the same.

Assignment #1: Hydroponic Systems

Browse through the web sites which are linked to this lesson or you may search through other hydroponic web sites to research different hydroponic growers or systems. Answer the following questions relating to your research. With the help of your site facilitator, post your paper onto your website by Friday, April 16, 1999.

  • How are all of these systems alike?
  • What are their major differences?
  • Do you have a preference for any one design?
  • Describe/Draw the system you like and give reasons why.


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What is Hydroponics?

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History of Hydroponics

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Starting a Simple Hydroponic Garden

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Pest and Diseases

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Explorations in Hydroponic Gardening

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