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Subject Sampler-Standards-based Curriculum Design
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One of the challenges we face as classroom teachers is designing standards-based curriculum. For years we have been trying to match the standards with activities that we enjoy doing with our students. The shift to starting with the standards first and then designing activities from there has been a hard one for teachers to make.

Your job is to sample and explore a minimum of three of the sites listed below. As you visit the sites, write down your thoughts on the questions asked below. You'll be expected to be your group's expert on Standards based curriculum design and when you meet again with your group, your role will be to share with them what you've learned about standards based curriculum.


Web Activities

Are the Best Curricular Designs Backward?-Understanding by Design-Exchange

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the backward design process? Elaborate on your position.
  2. Why do you suppose this process asks you, as the teacher, to think as an assessor before designing units and lessons?
  3. Why do you think the author suggests that assessment of understanding should be thought of in terms of a collection of evidence over time instead of an event? Do you see assessment being thought of this way in your classroom? at your school?

Linking Standards and Engaged Learning in the Early Years

  1. Why would the author suggest to document progress toward standards, not just attainment of them?
  2. How could technology be used to document student progress?
  3. How would you go about integrating documentation of standards into the planning of your classroom experiences?

Reconcilable Differences?-Standards-Based Teaching and Differentiation

  1. The article describes negative and positive examples of schools and their interpretations of standards-based teaching. Which example is most descriptive of the school environment that you work in?
  2. Do you think that standards-based teaching practices conflict with or support best teaching practices?

Educational Technology: A Valuable Support for Standards-based Science and Math Education Reform

  1. What do the concepts of "mindtools" and "mindware" have to do with standards-based science and math education?
  2. What is the difference between integrating technology into standards-based curriculum and simply using technology?



This will be a self-assessment that you'll need to complete and e-mail results to your instructor.

Engagement with activities I visited one of the suggested sites and looked at the questions I visited two-three of the sites and tried to answer the questions. I visited three or more of the sites and answered all the questions at each of the three sites.
Understanding of Standards-based curriculum design I would need help explaining what standards-based curriculum design is. I can explain the differences between standards-based curriculum and aligning the standards to curriculum. I can design standards-based curriculum.
Relation to standards I don't know how my curriculum relates to the standards. I am beginning to understand how my curriculum relates to standards. I can see a direct connection between the standards that my students are expected to master and the curriculum that I have developed..



After you have completed the activities above, consider the following questions and prepare to answer these as you share Standards-based Curriculum Design information with your other group members.

  1. If you had to explain the difference between standards-based curriculum and aligning the standards to your curriculum, what would you say to help teachers understand the difference between the two methods?
  2. What is the relationship between the standards and your curriculum?
  3. How can technology support standards-based curriculum?

You'll need to send your instructor a self-assessment based on the rubric above along with your answers to the questions for the three web activities that you chose to complete. Be sure to be able to thoroughly explain Standards-based Curriculum Design to your group members when you meet to plan and create your presentation.


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