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Step 3 - Subject Sampler
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Step 3-Subject Sampler

Step 3-You've just finished your Knowledge Hunt. What do you think of the different examples of how the Internet can be used in the classroom? Did you see ones that you might be interested in learning to use? Do you see areas where you may need to improve your tech skills before trying to implement these examples?

While you're thinking about this, we'd like you to go ahead and begin Step 3 of this WebQuest. In this step, you'll be working independently on a Subject Sampler of your choice. Each group member will choose a different Subject Sampler to participate in.

When your group members have completed Subject Samplers, your group will meet to share information that you each learned from your Subject Sampler. Since this is an online class, it will be up to your group to decide which Internet tools to use to facilitate your "group meeting" (instant messaging, chat, threaded discussion, desktop video conference, e-mail, post a webpage)

Each group will need to designate a group leader who will be responsible for organizing group meetings and designating group roles. You will also need a group corespondent to communicate information to your instructor.

Once you have decided on your group roles and which samplers each person will be exploring, have your group corespondent send an e-mail message to your instructor designating the following:

  1. group members
  2. group leader
  3. group corespondent
  4. any other roles you choose to establish
  5. who will be responsible for each Subject Sampler
  6. how and when your group will be meeting

When you meet to share your information, you'll want to be considering how what you've experienced in steps 2 and 3 relates to the questions that you'll be answering in your final presentation:

  • Can using technology actually enhance and support standards-based curriculum or is it just a passing fad?
  • What skills does a classroom teacher need to have if he/she wants to use the technology to support curriculum?
  • Are the results worth the time invested by the teacher and the students?
  • What considerations need to be made if a teacher chooses to use technology in the classroom?

Check the Evaluation/Standards page to see the rubric(s) for how you'll be assessed for this step. Choose the rubric that pertains to your Subject Sampler choice.

Now you're ready to choose your Subject Sampler from the list below:


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