The Filipinos

First Arrival in Hawaii

In 1906 the first 15 Filipino male immigrants arrived in Hawaii. They hoped to return to their homeland wealthy. Most Filipinos were reluctant to come to Hawaii because they regarded labor as undignified and unprofitable. In the Philippines they were under Spanish rule and the Spainards forced labor and exploited Filipino workers and gave them meager earnings. Even as late as 1946, there were as many as 7,361 workers still migrating to Hawaii believing that they would become rich.

Family Values

The Filipinos were very hard working. They had goals to earn enough money to return to their homeland. Many were able to accomplish this task. On the plantations, the Filipinos followed their customs very closely because they had difficulty communicating with other ethnic groups. They were taught to have deep respect for their elders.

Filipino Foods

Filipinos are known for their food. Some of these include: pancit (noodles), kangkanen (sweetcakes), chicken adobo (chicken in vinegar) and lumpia (egg rolls).

Filipino Culture

Filipinos like to celebrate all special occasions. Some of these include baptismals, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and funerals. They would invite lots of people and prepare a lot of food for these gatherings. They would also coordinate a band or orchestra for singing and dancing. The purpose of these parties is to make everyone happy even if it is a sad occasion.

Chicken fighting was a popular past time that everyone enjoyed. They would cheer for the winning bird and sometimes bet on them.

Filipinos are very superstitious. Filipinos believe in spirits.


The weather, the beaches, the fruits, the colorful flowers and the plantation fields in the Philippines was very much like our Hawaiian Islands.

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