The Garden Island

Kauai is the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian Islands chain. It is also known as the "Garden Island" because of its lush greenery. Kauai has a diverse ethnic population of people because of the different work forces that came from various parts of the world. Different groups of people arrived on the shores of Kauai to work on the various plantations that were dispersed throughout the island. Like the rest of the islands in the Hawaiian Chain, Kauai has rich soil and year round warm weather, which made it an ideal place for agricultural developement.

Learner Needs addressed:

Explore the relationships between within and among places, people and environment.

Learner Skills:

  • You, the student, will demonstrate the proper use of geographic tools and resources by identifying and applying mapping skills.
  • You will also use some geographic tools: maps, atlases, links, reference books, etc.
  • You will be applying skills:

    -identification of landforms

    -plotting of assigned and student identified sites

    -using appropriate map symbols
    Note: You will also be able to read information that is provided for you about the locations and history of the various plantations. Just click on the plantations above and you will be "linked" to that plantation.


This activity is to share the information about the various sugar cane plantations on the island of Kauai. From maps, links and resources, you will be able to correctly identify and locate the sugar cane plantations on a map of Kauai.


Step 1. View the Map 1 of Kauai. Study the locations of the sugar cane plantations on the island of Kauai. The sugar cane plantations that are on the map are:

Step 2. Download and print the Map 2 of Kauai.
Step 3. Identify the sugar cane plantations on your printed map. Be sure to include a map key that identifies each sugar cane plantation.
Step 4. Using great resource links , identify at least 3 towns, 1 landform, 1 beach, and 1 tourist attraction around each sugar cane plantation.

Assessment for Activity:

Step 5. Place your completed map in your Social Studies folder. In one week, you, a friend or teacher can check the accuracy of the map at this site.

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