E-School Project: Literature Genres for Grades 4 & 5

Historical Fiction
by Gayleen Fujimura


Brief Unit Description: This unit will take about three to four weeks to complete. Students will be required to obtain and read historical fiction books from the list of suggested reading. As a culminating project, each participant is to produce a historical fiction anecdote (short story) of their own which must include the elements of historical fiction.


Learner Outcomes: The learner will . . .


Hawaii Content Standards and Benchmarks


Additional Prerequisites: The learner must . . .


Lessons & Assignments


Lesson 1 - What Kind of Story is Historical Fiction?

Assignment #1 - Is It Historical Fiction or Not?
Assignment #2 - Reading and Responding to Literature

Lesson 3 - Be Consistent with Time & Assignment #3

Lesson 4 - The Book vs the Movie & Assignment #4

Lesson 5 - Historical Fiction Anecdotes & Culminating Activity


Assessment & Evaluation 
Recommended Reading List
Community Involvement


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