A newsletter has two major parts: the Masthead (Banner) and the Copy (Articles). Graphics should be added in along with the articles to offset the monotony of 100% text. The addition of graphics, including photos, clip art, student artwork, and charts, can also help to balance the appearance of the page.

Before beginning your newsletter, click on Format - Document. Another window for Margins opens up. Set all margins (top, bottom, left & right) to one-half inch (0.5") or three-fourths inch (0.75") by using decimal numbers instead of fractions.




The term "header" in wordprocessing is another word for masthead. This refers to the top section of the newsletter where you find the name or title. It should be printed in the largest type on the page, and often has a matching logo or graphic next to it. Also included in this section are the date and page number (if more than two pages). You may also include the Volume/Issue information in the masthead.

To make the masthead/banner, select Format from the menu bar. Go down and select Insert Header.

To make the masthead/banner, select Format from the menu bar. Go down and select Insert Header. This will add a space at the top of the wordprocessing document for your title and logo.




Type your title into the header space, then highlight it. Center the title.


Now select a font from the Font menu, then click on Size on the menu bar. Enlarge the title by selecting 48 point or 72 point. If your title is long and doesn't fit in the space, you could change to a smaller size, or you can highlight the title and select Style - Condense.



Your title should now be enlarged in the font you selected:


Drawing Tools: To open up the drawing tools palette, click on the Drawing Palette Icon at the bottom left of the window next to the "mountain" icons.

Drawing Palette Icon (at bottom left of page)

Line Tool

Pen Tools ( color, pattern, width, arrowhead)

Arrow Pointer

When you click once on any of the tools on the palette, such as the line tool, it is highlighted, and you can use that tool to draw a line. When you finish drawing that line, the tool turns off. If you would like to draw more than one line, double-click on the tool. It will turn black. You will then be able to draw line after line after line until you select another tool to use.


The Pen Tools allow you to select different colors, patterns, and line widths for your drawings. If you click on the arrowhead tool, you can draw lines that end or begin with an arrowhead.


The Arrow Pointer is used to select the tools. If you are in text mode, click once on the Arrow Pointer so you can use it. When you are done and want to go back to writing text, click on the text tool (the A)


Graphics: To insert a graphic (clip art, logo, photo, etc.) next to the title, first select the arrow on the drawing palette. Drag the mouse while holding the button down to make a small box. The box will disappear. Find the graphic you want. You can now copy the graphic and paste it into your document and be able to move it around wherever you want.


Open up the drawing palette by clicking on its icon at the bottom left side of the screen. Next, select the line width tool and click on the 2 pt line, then double click on the line tool. It will turn black and the cursor will now be a crossbar. Place the crossbar a little above the title at the left margin, and while holding down the shift key, drag the mouse across to the right margin. This will make a straight line. Repeat this action just a little below the title.


Date & Page Number:

Now type in the date for the newsletter on the left side below the second line, and tab to the right to type the page number (if doing more than two pages). Finish off the header by drawing another line below this.

Save Your Work!

It is very important to save any work you do on the computer, and save it often so you don't lose your work and end up having to start all over from the beginning.


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