Evaluation and Rubrics
Rubrics Assignment
E-School Project:

Conversaciones & Cultura

Comparison & Contrast Paper Rubric
Field Work Rubric

These were the rubrics I created for this module's assignments.

These assignments drilled home the knowledge that the DOE is definitely committed to the creation of rubrics!!! Our school is going through the Focus on Learning (FOL) process and we have been reviewing many different models of rubrics for various curricula.

Creating rubrics forces a person to work with the content standards and the activities needed to achieve the outcomes. It forces a person to really assess and determine what is really needed by the students to achieve the results we expect of them. A person can more readily discard or modify anything that is not aligned with what is expected. It forces a person to really see the line up of things as they are happening. A huge benefit for the student is that the student is not doing just worksheets that just keep them busy but work that is pushing them along into accomplishing their goals.

An offshoot of all this rubrics creating is that a person gets pretty adept at making tables!

Comparison & Contrast Paper Rubric

This was the first assigned rubric.

This rubric was fairly simple because I had already been using rubrics in my curriculum. All I needed to do was to incorporate the pertinent standards for educational technology into an existing rubric.

Field Work Rubric

This was the e-school rubric.

This rubric was more involved. The standards for world languages are in stages and very developmental where a learner is concerned. I really had to put myself into each stage and recall how I progressed in the learning. Then, I had to determine the various levels that would represent the end of each stage. The educational technology standards were different also because it was the equipment used that reflected different levels of mastery. Some equipment are more complex than others in their operation but not necessarily their application.

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