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Ahupua'a, a land division system of ancient Hawaii in which land was divided into sections which extended from the highlands to the sea. Each ahupua'a has it's own unique ecological and financial characteristics due to the way the land was divided. We will be studying about the land, the plants, and the people, both past and present. We will learn about how our ancestors lived on our land with the resources available to them at the time, and compare this information to the way we live with the resources available to us today.

We will especially be interested in Waimanalo's ahupua'a:

Kuahiwi - Mountain region
Koa trees - canoes
Kukui Nut trees - candles
Kula - Plains
Kalo plant
Lauhala plant - arts & crafts, weaving
Plants used for kapa making - kapa making process
Kahakai - Ocean region
Animals - fishes, turtles, seals, reef creatures, etc.



To find out more about ahupua'a, check out the following:

Online Resources
Books for Students
Books for Teachers


Online Resources:
Save Our Seas


An international, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and restoring the ocean for future generations. Contains a section on ahupua'a and what you can do to protect the ocean.

Windward Watersheds Web-Ring Project. Provides information on Ko'olaupoko and it's regional descriptions and history; area stream descriptions and water quality; shoreline/marine environments; and community-based activities and events.

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Books for Students:
The Hawaiian of Old

Dunford, Betty. Bess Press, 1987.

Tells of the Hawaiian system of land division.

Flowing to the Sea

O'Conner, Maura. Moanalua Foundations, 1994.

From the Mountains to the Sea

Williams, Julie Stuwart. Kamehameha Schools/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate, 1991.

Informative text which tells of the life in old Hawai'i and the ahupua'a concept. Beautiful pictures.

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Books for Teachers:
Kaneohe: A History of Change

Devaney, D.M., M. Kelly, P.J. Lee, L.S. Motteler. The Bess Press, Honolulu, HI, 1982.

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Ahupua'a Poster

Kamehameha Schools Press, Honolulu, 1994.

Flowing to the Sea

Moanalua Gardens Foundation, 1992,

23 minutes. ITV Office of the Moanalua Gardens Foundation.

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