Coconut Island or Moku 'Ola

Coconut Island is known to the Hawaiians as Moku 'Ola or "Island of Life." Moku 'Ola and Maka oku, the piece of mainland opposite the island, formed a place of refuge for defeated warriors and others who needed safety. It is also said that the many fresh water springs around the island are beneficial to health.

The Legend: Maui, the demi-god, had a magic fishhook which he would never show to anyone, not even his brothers. He also had a magic canoe which could take him from island to island with two sweeps of his paddle.

One day as he watched a canoe leave on its way to a neighboring island, Maui felt sorry for his people who did not have a magic canoe. He called a meeting of the chiefs and people and told them of his plan to join the islands together so they could travel throughout the kingdom easily. He told them he needed their help to pull but that they should not look back until the islands were connected. Maui fastened his magic fishhook into Maui Island and the men paddled and pulled with all their might and the island slowly moved behind them. Just as Maui Island was about to be connected to Hawaii Island, one of the chiefs (some say one of Maui's brothers) looked back and broke the spell. All of the island slid back to its former position except for the piece fastened to Maui's fishhook. This piece of land is known as Coconut Island or Moku 'Ola.