The name of the dinosaur I am researching is Apatosaurus.  It lived during the Jurassic period.  I chose to study it because it was very big.  It had a long neck, too.

We know that Apatosaurus existed because scientists found fossils of my dinosaur.  Many have been found in Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.  The scientists found a tooth mark on one fossil because it was attacked by another dinosaur.  Apatosaurus was named in 1877 by a U.S. paleontologist.

The Apatosaurus has a tine head and brain.  It is one of the largest land animals.  The Apatosaurus has flat teeth that look like spatulas.  The Apatosaurus's nostrils were on the top of its head.  It had legs that look like elephant's legs.  It had a whip like tail.

My dinosaur had a long neck so it could reach the leaves that were very high.  If they reached too high, they would fall down and let the blood go to its head.  When he or she ate, it swallowed its food whole because it had no time to chew.  My dinosaur only ate plants.  It had pencil like teeth.  It had thick moose-like lips that would help it pick leaves.  It swallowed pebbles in its stomach to grind up its food.

Apatosaurus could have held its head up too high so nobody could eat it.  It had clawed feet and a whip like tail for protection.

An interesting fact is that when they laid their eggs, they were walking.

I think a meteor crashed from space to our island and made dust go everywhere so it blocked the sun so it was very cold.  The first thing that died was the plants.  Then the next dinosaur to die were the plant eaters.  It was sad.  Then the meat eaters did not have any food to eat so they eventually died.  SO that was the end of the dinosaur's life, I think. 

by:  Casey