Our dinosaurs is Styracosaurus and its name means spiked lizard. Its size is 18 feet [55 meters] long. It lived in North America. It also ate plants and cycads. One interesting fact is that it walked on four short legs. Another interesting fact is it looks like a rhinoceros.

by Shawn and Chancellor


My dinosaur's name is Styracosaurus. This name means, "Spiked Lizard." My dinosaur weighs around 3 tons. It lived in the late Cretaceous period. It lived around 77 - 70 million years ago. It has a short thick tail. It uses its tail for balancing. It was quadrapedal, meaning it walked on 4 short legs. It was brown. It was 18 feet in length. The bones were found in North America. It was slow and fast, depending on it's age. To protect its babies from predators, the grown-ups made a circle and put the babies in the middle.

by Hannah

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