Komodo Dragons live in a hot and dry place on the Indonesian Islands. Komodo Dragons inhabit common areas of hot and dry weather for a year. Komodos live in the lower forest and savanna and they scavenge for food on the beach during long dry spells. Komodo Island is a volcanic island with steep slopes. There is only a little bit of water available once a year. It is dry with very little plants. During monsoon season (hurricane season) the islands flood.


The temperature in the Indonesian islands is usually 80 degrees Fahrenheit, dry and warm. The Komodo dragon prefers a body temperature of approximately 97 degrees Fahrenheit and much of their time is spent thermoreragulating to achieve and maintain that temperature. They will seek out warm areas in the morning, cool areas in the hottest parts of the day, and then burrow for the night to minimize body heat loss over night. There burrow makes a cozy bedroom and it is always dry and comfortable. It stays around 82 degrees Fahrenheit so the dragon stays cool on hot days warm on cool nights if it slept out side at night, it would loose its body heat.



komodo on the beach


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