A manini lives in coral reefs and tidepools. It is called a convict tang. It has black stripes like bars of a jail. The stripes go down it's body, even across it's eye. They swim in schools. They are not dangerous.

By Beau

manini by beau


The jail fish! A manini is called a Convict Tang because in the olden days, the people that where in jail, had to put on this black and white stripped clothes. The manini has biack stripes just like the clothes. A manini gets as long as 9 inches. It is grayish with black and white stripes. It is a Chordate and a vertebrate. It is a very smooth fish and it is a very fast fish. You can tell the difference between a Manini and a Mamo, (another striped fish) by looking at it's eye. A manini has a stripe down it's eye the mamo doesn't.

by Jeaubair

manini by jeaubari

The Manini or Convict Tang is commonly found in shallow or deep waters (approximately 150 feet) surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. These fishes grow rapidly and acquire their striped bars when they are older. The Manini swims in schools. The Manini moves its tail and back fins. They are lovely to look at. The Manini's dark vertical bars and shape can be helpful in camouflaging it from danger. These tangs spawn at dusk from December through July. They are commonly found along the reefs of the Hawaiian Islands and is a popular fish for eating.

by Lia

manini by lia

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