Flat Worm

Most of the flat worms are about 1 inch long. They creep and crawl on the coral reef and under rocks. They can be different colors, yellow, purple, blue, pink, and some other bright colors. It has spots on it. It is as flat as paper. If you want to catch a flatworn to look at, you have to pick up a rock and drop water on the worm. It will slowly get washed off. If you try to pull it off the rock, it will rip.

By Elmer

flat worms by elmer

A flatworm is as thick as folder paper! They live under rocks and crevices. Flatworms have no bones and are 5 cm long. They can be a lot of different kinds of colors like pink, yellow, black, blue, orange, brown, white and gray. Some of them move fast and some of them move very slow. Flatworms do not move by themselves they have these little little hairs called cilia that help it to slide along with on this mucus from the worm. People are dangerous to them because sometimes they rip them off and they can be torn into pieces easily. Some are very clear, they camouflage themselves really well. Many people think that Flatworms are Nudibranchs. A Nudibranch is a Seaslug and a Flatworm comes from the family group called the Platyhelminthes. They are in a different worm group because they are not Annelids which means that they are not segmented.

By Kekaulike

flat worms by kakaulike

Did you ever see a Flatworm change color? Well, I didn't but I know something about it. They live in rocks. They stick on rocks. Flatworm are colored with stripes and spots. The size of the Flatworm is about an inch in length. Flatworms move very slow. They move in a wave motion so they can go to another rock. It changes color so some fishes don't eat them. It changes color so they can protect themselves. Some Flatworms can swim. Flatworms are found under the rocks. Some Flatworms are colored black and yellow. Flatworm are very thin so that the waste can past from the body interior through the skin. People are dangerous to them because they sometimes rip them off the rock and they are torn into pieces. The Flatworm is thin as paper.

By Ailen

flat worms by ailen

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