Ms. Tanaka
Title I - Enrichment

February 16, 2011

Welcome to A10's website! I am Ms. Tanaka and I am a returning teacher to Maunawili Elementary School. After teaching 3rd grade here at Maunawili for many years, I am excited to be supporting multiple grade levels this year.  This year I am the Title I/Enrichment Teacher and I am enjoying working with students in grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.

In grades 2 and 6 I teach Math daily.  Supporting these grade levels allows students to have smaller class sizes and be more successful in math class.  Students in this class use EnVision in math as their grade levels do.

I also teach grades 1 and 2 in Math.  In this class I see students 3 times a week and students work on Numbers and Operation in order to be more successful in their daily math classes.  To build numeracy students solve real world problems, work together, play math games, and work on learning strategies for solving math word problems.  Research show that when students build their understanding in numeracy they are more successful in other math concepts.

Lastly I teach grades 3 and 4 Enrichment.  Look for students to participate in the Olelo Youth Exchange.  This is a project where students do research and create a public service announcement in a video.  This year our new task is to write articles for the monthly Maunawili Newsletter.  Look for your child's article soon!  For more information about the Enrichment program, please click this link: ENRICHMENT PROGRAM.  I have added pictures of students on out gallery page.  Please check it out!

Check out the gallery page for students in the above math classes hard at work and play.


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