There is beautiful, lush green land near Ka lae (South Point), on the Big Island. This aina is Kahuku. I love Kahuku because it is vast and wide, it has rolling fresh, green meadows, and a serenity like no where else. There you breath untouched air and walk amongst ancient Hawaiian history. You will find friendly folk living and ranching Kahuku's resources. Families make their living by raising and breeding livestock, the atmosphere is very "Ohana".

Kahuku is an area loved by many people. It seemed a favorite, far more sustainable for human occupation, compared to other areas, like Manuka. The pastures along side the lava make for a unique sight, and has drawn many ranchers there. Kahuku's seacoast is barren, as are most parts of Kau. In it's lower region, Kahuku is said to formally have had flourishing gardens of sweet potato and sugar cane, on land now desolate with only lava. If this is true, that means ground water must have been present. Surface verdure, also, may have drawn more cloud and dew. There was probably more rain coming across from Pakini, when the plains of the east of the Pali-o-Mamalu and Pali Kulani were more lush with greenery. the bare lava, has now dried the plains of Pakini, Kama'oa, and Ka'alu'alu. The winds which swept across the coast, and brought cool air with moisture, is no more.

This is one of the many beautiful meadows

in the Kahuku area.







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