Senior Sports

The Mighty Class of 2000 has showed many outstanding performances. Throughout the 4 years of high school, students from the Class of 2000 were involved in many sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, baseball, tennis, wrestling, track, and swimming. Some have been in these sports for four years and improved continuously throughout the years. The Finest Seniors from Ka'u High School are motivated and determined to work hard as a team and strive for the best. For each sport they have conquered their battles and strived for the best to reach their goals. Every senior had their own victory. The seniors ended their years in high school with pride and enthusiasm. Pride gets things done, were stepping up to number one!!!


Senior Players:

Football: Allan Blanco, Kimo Kaniho, Devin Breithaupt, Ezra Keohuloa, James Fisher, Scott Agustin, Roland Javar, Stanley Ballo, Ben Salmo, Kwai-Chang Akiu, Ceasare Moses, Lucas Pua, and Ryan Schultz.



Basketball:(Boys) Allan Blanco, Stanley Ballo, and Paul Galigo

(Girls) Brandy Wong Yuen, Saezen Akamu, Rosaly Corpuz, and Rochelle Paglinawan.

Volleyball: Paxton DePeralta, Paul Galigo, and Blayne Castillo

Cheerleading: Cicely Hashimoto, Alexis Keohuloa, Chelsey Hashimoto, and Reza Enitan.

Baseball: Kwai-Chang Akiu, Blayne Castillo, Buck Kala, Keeane Toriano, Wade Espejo, and Manuel Boudreault.

Track: Rosie Enos and Maria Pimental

Tennis: Danarie Navarro, Roman Gornov, Vincent Weiss, Ben Salmo, Susanne Gaertner, and Chezeray Panglao.

Wrestling: James Earl Fisher and Wade Espejo.

Bowling: Shandon Tamondong, Arnold Castillo and Riley Louis.

Soccer: Kimberly Matsui, Susi Gaertner, Ceasare Moses, Lucas Pua, Vincent Weiss, Manuel Bouldrealt, Giorgi Tsaia, Arnold Castillo, Nelson Villahermosa, Maria Pimental, and Chelly Paglinawan.