Albino CatFish


Where does the Albino Cat fish swim? (top,middle,bottom)

How much sunlight is healthy for this fish?

Eating habits,How often does the Albino Catfish need to be fed?

 What does this fish eat?

 How much food does the Albino Catfish fish eat?

 Other names?

 What kinds of fishes does the Albino CatFish get along with?

 Does this fish need a place to hide?


 What kinds of fishes does the Albino Catfish not get along with?

 How much gravel do we put in the aquarium?

 How does this fish breed?

 What temperature does the water have to be for this fish?

 How much plants do we put in our aquarium?

 How does this fish defend it self from predators?

 How big does this fish get?

 Where is this fish found?


What is this fishes scientific name?

 How long does this fish live?

 Discription of the Albino CatFish?