Third Grade



The Mouse and the Cat

By:Andrew Hopkins

Once upon a time there lived a Mouse and a Cat.The Cat was a liar.The Mouse did nothing bad.They where friends."Hello Cat,"said Mouse,"Where are you Mouse?" asked Cat."I' m in the refrigerator eating!"replied Mouse"Oh,"said Cat.Suddenly Cat opened the refrigerator and almost caught Mouse. "Cat,I thought we where friends?!"asked Mouse."We where until now Mouse." "I' m fed up being thrown out,"replied Cat." So, Cat caught Mouse and lived in happiness indoors.

The moral is......Don't rely on a Cat for a friend when you' re a Mouse.

Ant And The Grasshoper

By: Keanukai


When ant was sleeping, grasshopper was jumping around and playing.There was not one little drop of snow yet.When ant woke up ant was gettingall the food he could get before winter because if they dont have enoughfood they would die.So when ant saw grasshoper jumping around, ant said,grasshopper, you better get all of the food you can get before winter,.''Nah', It is still worm . It has plenty more time ,'' said grasshopper .But whenwinter came grasshopper, was too hungry , and too cold.But therewas not even one little grass. So grasshopper went over to ants house, and he asked, " can I have some crumbs?" " Sorry, if I give you some crumbs, my children wouldnÿt have enough food to eat and we would die,"said ant.So ant closed the door and grasshoper went home.Ant felt so bad. Grasshopper was on his bed suffering for food.A couple minutes later, It was summer.Ant was so happy he went over to grasshopper 's house and grasshopper had turned into bones.

The Squirrel and The Racoon

By: Megan


One day Squirrel was collecting nuts and food for the winter. Squirrel bumped into Racoon. "How are you doing this fine morning?" asked squirrel . "Just fine", said Racoon . "Why aren't you collecting food for yourself?" asked Squirrel . "Why are you collecting nuts?" asked Racoon. "Didn't you know that winter is around the corner?" asked squirrel . " But I'm having so much fun ," said Racoon . I'll go and collect food tommorrow " . The next day Racoon opend the door and everything was white . Hewas trying to find somre food but there was no food left. So he went over to Squirrel's house and asked "May I please have some food to eat?" Sorry ,"said Squirrel" I just have enuogh food to last me until the end of winter."

When winter was over squirrel went over to Racoon's house . "Racoon how are you doing ?" asked Squirrel, "Not so fine ," said Racoon "I'm Sick," said Racoon ."I should have listend to you" said Racoon. "My whole family is all sick ." "We were playing around " said Racoon.