Banner in the Sky
James Ramsey Ullman
Patricia D. Analysis

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 Banner in the Sky, by James Ramsey Ullman, is about a boy who's father died in trying to climb the Citadel, a killer mountain while trying to fulfill his dream. Rudi want's to do the same and follow his father. He wants to become a great guide and he wants to conquer the never conquered mountain. Since his father had died in trying to do what Rudi now wants to do, his family is against Rudi's will. What should he do, follow what he wants and fulfill his dream, or obey his mother and give up what he wants most. Check out the book, open it up, and let's find out!

Main ProblemBack to the top
 Rudi, wants to climb a mountain and conquer it not only for him, but for his father who tried before him. Now, again, he doesn't know what to do. Should he go against his mother's will, and fulfill his own dream, or stay at home, as a dishwasher, and be teased to his doom for the rest of his miserable life. In order to get what he wants he has to prove himself worthy. He has to show that he is responsible and strong enough to become a guide and climb the Citadel to fulfill his dream. Now that's a hard problem to deal with!


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 Characters Shaping Decisions
 When Herr Winter falls into a craves, Rudi has to decide what to do. Should he go down the mountain for help, or stay and try to pull Winter up himself. Rudi knew that if he should go down and get help, by the time he and the people who would help him got back, he was sure that Winter would have frozen. He got down on his knees, and tied all of his clothing to a pole, made sure Winter got a good grip, and pulled him up. Getting him up was a struggle, but with a lot of effort, he pulled Winter over the edge. Since now he has somewhat proved that he is strong enough, and with Winter on his side, he now has a strong hope for climbing the Citadel.
 Rudi, at first, thought he was a know-it-all. If he learned a little something, he didn't think about what would happen after, he just went on and did it. Once, that got him into a lot of trouble. When Rudi got a chance to climb with his uncle and Winter, he wanted to find a easier way down. Without permission, he slipped away and tried to find away down.  While he was trying to find a way down, he slipped on a falling rock, and barely made it to the other side, he had to make a huge jump. When he found out that he couldn't get back, he knew that next time when he had to make a decision like that, he knew he would be much more cautious. Now he thinks before he does. Being more careful would help him become a better guide.
 Rudi is told to go down the mountain to his town, to gather the things that he needed to climb the Citadel. He has lied to Winter that his uncle, Franz, has given him permission to climb with them. If he goes down to the town, Franz wouldn't let him go back. On his way down, he is forced to decide if he should turn left, towards the Citadel and try to find a way to get past the Fortress, or go down to the town, and lose all his hope of climbing the Citadel.  Rudi decides to turn left, now if that's the right thing to do or not, I'm not that sure. But for Rudi, it was a benefit. He found a way past one of the hardest places/parts of the mountain. He can go down and tell everyone of his successful move. He is changed because again, he has proved himself well enough to climb. And he somewhat, made Franz's trust in him grow. Now Franz might see the inside of Rudi, the real him. If Franz let's Rudi climb the Citadel, he might make it to the top and fulfill his dream after all.
 The last problem, but probably the most important, was when Saxo, fell away down, and really got injured. Rudi had to make a big decision. Should he save one of his biggest enemy, or should he climb to the top to fulfill his dream.  Rudi, in his heart knew what was right. He remembered what his friend, Teo, told him, "Do what your father would have done." He knew that his father would have saved Saxo, friend or enemy. He wanted to become like his father, so he then decides that from then on, whenever he could, he would help others by being altruistic and brave. And that's what he did.

ResolutionBack to the top
 The resolution was being solved throughout the whole story. He, little by little, worked more and more trust into his mother and his uncle. He showed that he was worthy by being brave and obedient. He found the him inside, he realized who he really was, he became who his father was, and from then on, he knew that his mother and uncle were no longer going to be so hard on him. He knew that he was going to be able to do what ever dreams and goals that he was going to have in the future. I'm sure that he would be able to become a guide also. So all that he really dreamed for, in the end, came true.

GeneralizationBack to the top
 The moral to Banner in the Sky was pretty simple. It was all that Rudi showed in throughout the book. Never give up, if you have any dream or goal, try your best to make them come true. Once you have got to it, do your best to make it better. If something isn't working out very well, don't worry, in time, if you try, you'll be able to bring it back up. But just remember, whatever happens, never give up, keep trying

Author NotesBack to the top
 The author notes are just going to give my opinion on how I like or dislike how he writes the book Banner in the Sky (his techniques). The thing that I like most about how Ullman wrote this book is his foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is what an author does at the end of a chapter/chapters, to make the book more interesting. It compels you to read on. Wow! Ullman can do that well. At about every other chapter, he has a foreshadowing at the end. And it's really strong. Once, I couldn't put the book down for like two hours, (the book is long so I still didn't finish it). Another thing that he's good at was describing the characters, both implied and explicit. Throughout the book, a little here, a little there, he would place information about each of the characters, implied and explicit. So that you wouldn't know about the characters thoroughly until the end of the book.


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Berghaus Matterhorn - ZermattURL:  The connection this has with the book is based on a true story, and it's based on the Matterhorn (Citadel) by Zermatt (Kurtal). It will give you information about the Matterhorn and it will even show you some pictures of the mountain, in all different views!


MatterhornULR:  A wonderful place to stay in Zermatt, Switzerland near the Matterhorn. Anytime you can visit the Matterhorn with a tour, or on your own. It gives you hints and information about the Matterhorn, and it even gives you routes that you can take. It also has pictures of the Matterhorn, and the routes you can take.

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