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Second Grade Lessons


Look at the food pyramid and find out about good nutrition

Nourish Interactive and Healthy Eating

See the history of foods

The Food Timeline

Do some interactive nutrition activities

Nutrition Explorations and Sheppard Software

Sea Life

Look at a site done by 4th-6th graders at Enchanted Lake School

Venture into Hawaii's Coral Reefs (ThinkQuest Jr.2000)

Learn more about shore life

Life on the Rocky Shore (ThinkQuest Jr.2000)

Check out PBS's secrets of the ocean realm

Sea Dwellers

Get some information about sea turtles

Sea Turtles

Find out about Hawaii's sharks

Sharks of Hawaii

Enchanted Learning has information about whales and sharks and oceans

Zoom Whales and Zoom Sharks and Earth's Oceans has nature guides

Fishes and Seashells and Seashore Creatures

Find out about the marine fishes of Hawaii

Marine Fishes of Hawaii

Venture under the sea

Under the Sea (Grade 2 project) and Underwater Garden (ThinkQuest)

Follow the adventures of a sea turtle

Adventures of Lilo the Green Sea Turtle (ThinkQuest Jr.)

Explore the ocean through literature


Venture into the different habitats

Habitats Path (from Monterrey Bay Aquarium)

Go on a webquest

Ocean Layers of Life

Find about dolphins

Leap Into the World of Dolphins (Thinkquest)


Explore different water excosystems

Explorers Club: Water

See the importance of water

Drippy's Adventures

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply has information for kids

Board of Water Supply

Lanikai School has a great website on water


Try to do some activities here

Water Cycle

Get more information about keeping water clean

EPA Office of Water


Learn about gardening

Gardening for Kids!

Get more pointers about plants

Kid's Valley Webgarden

Learn about the rainforest

What's It Like Where You Live: Rainforest and Zoom Rainforest and Rainforest Heroes and Rainforest Education

Explore a forest

Virtual Amazon Rainforest and Rain Forest at Night

Here is still another site about plants

All About Plants (ThinkQuest Jr.)

Solve a plant mystery

Great Plant Escape


Here is a list of interesting people to learn more about

Biographies for Kids

More biographies are here and Biographical Dictionary

Look for presidents here

POTUS and Meet the Presidents (by 5th graders)


Learn about you and your environment

Explorers Club: You and Your Environment

Find out about garbage and recycling

Explorers Club: Garbage and Recycling

Human Body

Learn about the human body

Human Anatomy Online

Look inside the body

Look inside the Human Body

Find out about oral health

Open Wide


Folktales are fascinating

Speakaboos and Fairytales from BBC

Read fairy tales retold by students and check out a dictionary

Fairy Tale Cyber Dictionary


Learn about different pets

Pets Page (Thinkquest Jr. 2000)

See how to choose a pet

Pick a Pet (Thinkquest Jr.)

Pet care is important

AVMA Care for Pets and AAHA Pet Care Library

Find out more about pets

Pets World and Petcyclopedia and Hawaiian Humane Society

Here is a fun site for kids

NetPets Kids' Room


Learn about insect pests

Pest Learning Games for Kids

Check out the Bug Club

Bug Club Insect Fun

Here are more activities

Bug Coloring Pages, Games, & Crafts

Look at Insecta


Enchanted Learning has more

Insects at Enchanted Learning

Polar Animals

Information on Arctic wildlife is here

Arctic Wildlife and Arctic Studies Center

Check out America Zoo's polar animals

America Zoo Polar Animals

Kids did these sites

Animals of the Arctic and Antarctica

Enchanted Learning has good information

Antarctic Animals Printouts and Arctic Animals Printouts

Check out more places and a game

Cool Antarctica and Animals of Antarctica and Arctic Game

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