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Third Grade Lessons

Try these websites:

Are you good at spelling and other skills?

Spelling City and Funschool and Sheppard Software and IXL (math) and MIKids

Take a challenge

Arcademic Skillbuilders and ABCya and Internet4Classrooms and BrainPopJr. Games and Game Classroom

Habitats and Ecosystems

Learn about rainforests and take a tour

Rainforest Live and Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Interactive and Zoom Rainforest and Rainforest Animals

Learn about the temperate forests

Introduction to Biomes and CyberZoo Biomes

Learn about the desert

Desert Life in the American SW

Learn about the coral reef

What's It Like Where You Live?

Learn about wetlands

Wet and Wild and Bays/Estuaries and Kawai Nui Marsh

Learn about the tundra

The World's Biomes: Tundra

Learn about the mountains

The Mountain Institute

Go to a ThinkQuest site

Habitats and Biomes

More places to learn about biomes and habitats

World Biomes and Biome/Habitat and San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes and Biomes of the World and Habitats and Food Chains

Researching States

Get information about the states and The US50 and US States

Find out more information

Stately Knowledge and Netstate

Go to the homepages of various states

All 50 American States Home Pages

Check out the online encyclopedias

World Book Online and Britannica Online

Look at an almanac and census facts

Fact Monster States and State Facts

Average monthly rainfall for some U.S. cities

Can you put the states into the map? and

Go to Postcards from Buster - check out 3 games

Postcards from Buster (try Coast to Coast, Where's Buster, or Connect the States)

Here are more state activities

State Capitals and USA Games and USA Map Match and Puzzled States


Find out about mammals - Mammals

Find out about reptiles

Reptile Features from National Geographic

Find out about birds - Birds

Find out about zoo animals

Oakland Zoo Animals - A-Z

Find out about amphibians - Amphibians and Reptiles

Find out about fish - Fishes

Find out about insects - Insects and Spiders

There are many links here

Animal Links and Zoobooks


Here is a good starting place

StarChild and KidsAstronomy and Arty

Learn about the solar system, sun, stars, the moon

Astronomy for Kids

Another very informative site

Zoom Space and Nine Planets

Learn to make some spacey things

The Space Place

Check out this NASA site

NASA Kids and Welcome to the Planets


Here is a good site


Here is another

Database for 88 Constellations

Find out more

The Salopian Web

Do activities

Planetarium Web

Do more



Learn all about Japan

Zoom School Japan

There is more information here

Kids Web Japan and Time for Kids Around the World

Check out a ThinkQuest site

Let's Travel to Japan

A visit to Japan is shared

Japan for Children


Find out about China here

The Chinese Experience and China (from Atlapedia)

Learn about art and literature

China the Beautiful and Chinese Calligraphy

There are still more sites to see

China Today and China, an Inner Realm

Check out a map and profile and zodiac

ABC Map of China and Chinese Zodiac


Check out these places for general information

CIA World Factbook Philippines and Country Studies Philippines

Learn about Filipino culture

Philippines Culture and Info and Destination Philippines


Do you enjoy humor

Giggle Poetry and Fizzy Funny Fuzzy and Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein and Poetry4Kids

Create some poetry here

Instant Poetry and Poetry Idea Engine and Magnetic Poetry

Learn about different forms

Poetry for Kids and Types of Poems for Kids and Types of Poetry

Get information about poets

Academy of American Poets and Poem of Quotes

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