What is compassion?

Kind compassionate children:

You show compassion when you ...

Tips on becoming more compassionate and caring

Proverbs and maxims

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Heroes and heroines

Put compassion into action

Community service ideas



For grades K-3

Beauty and the Beast

Big Al - Clements

The Big Orange Splot - Pinkwater

Dribbles - Heckert

Jamaica Tag-Along - Havill

Mean Soup - Everitt

Mrs. Katz and Tush - Polacco

The Mountain That Loved a Bird - McLerran

Now One Foot, Now the Other - dePaola

The Rainbow Fish - Pfister

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - Viorst

Amelia Bedelia - Parrish

Angel Child, Dragon Child - Surat

Crow Boy - Yashima

The King Who Rained - Gwynne

Old Henry - Blos

Owl Moon - Yolen

Through Grandpa's Eyes - MacLachlan

All I See - Rylant

Fly Away Home - Bunting

The Giving Tree - Silverstein

Zoo - Brown

Princess Diana - Stammers

What Did Leonette Forget: a Book About Being Thoughtful - Jackson

The Ant Bully - Nickle

Eleanor - Cooney

Love Your Neighbor: Stories of Values and Virtues - Dobrin

Light: Stories of a Small Kindness - Carlstrom

Lucy's Picture - Moon

The Wednesday Surprise - Bunting

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge - Fox

The Kindness Quilt - Wallace

Library Lion - Knudsen

The Little Red Hen - Pinkney


For Grades 3-6 

Charlotte's Web - White

The Children's Book of Virtues - Bennet

The Empty Schoolhouse - Carlson

A Wrinkle in Time - L'Engle

Florence Nightingale

Mother Teresa

The Great Gilly Hopkins - Paterson

Kids' Random Acts of Kindness

The Happy Prince - Ray

Shoebag - Jones

Belle Prater's Boy - White

Blubber - Blume

Pink and Say - Polacco

Visiting Miss Pierce - Derby

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