What is cooperation?

Team players are students who:

You show cooperation when you ...

Proverbs and maxims

More quotes on cooperation

Heroes and heroines

Guidelines for cooperative learning

Put cooperation into action

Community service ideas



For Grades K-3

Koala Lou - Fox

Muffin and the Lesson of Kokua - Geshell

The Enormous Turnip

Frederick - Lionni

A Light in the Attic - Silverstein

The Little Red Hen - Galdone

Miss Nelson Is Missing - Allard

The Seven Chinese Brothers - Mahy

Swimmy - Lionni

Arthur Makes the Team - Brown

Anansi the Spider - McDermott

Stone Soup - Brown

Zinnia and Dot - Ernst

Wilfed Gordon McDonald Partridge - Fox

Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt - Ernst

Who Made This Big Mess: a Book About Tidying Up - Gutelle

The Best Baby-Sitter Ever - Scarry

Dragon Soup - Williams

Let's Make a Garden - Lobe

Old Mahoney and the Bear Family - Hand

Stone Soup - Brown

The Troubled Village - Henwood

Cookies : Bite-Size Lessons - Rosenthal

Duck & Goose - Hills


For Grades 3-6 

Across Five Aprils - Hunt

Charlotte's Web - White

The Diary of a Young Girl - Frank

Iggie's House - Blume

The Incredible Journey - Burnford

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Verne

Little House in the Big Woods - Wilder

Little Women - Alcott

Number the Stars - Lowry

The Sign of the Beaver - George

Soup on Ice - Peck

The Trumpet of the Swan - White

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