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Set goals for yourself

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Community service ideas

"The Golden Rule"


Other activities

BOOKLIST for Respect

For grades K-3

Children Just Like Me - Kindersley

Value of Respect: Abraham Lincoln - Johnson

The Wump World - Peet

Manners - Aliki

Martin Luther King Jr. - various biographies

Harriet Tubman - various biographies

Crow Boy - Yashima

Smoky Night - Bunting

The Mixed-up Chameleon - Carle

The Surprise Family - Reeser

The Biggest Bear - Ward

The Hundred Penny Box - Mathia

A Light in the Attic - Silverstein

Like Jake and Me - Jukes

Miss Rumphius - Cooney

Whoever You Are - Fox

Young Abe Lincoln - Harness

Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington - Harness

People - Spier

The Children's Book of Heroes - Bennett

Puppy Love - King-Smith

He Bear, She Bear - Berenstain

I Am Rosa Parks - Parks

Why Do You Love Me? - Schlessinger

The Butter Battle Book - Seuss

I Like Me - Carlson

Frederick's Fables - Lionni

The Story of Ferdinand - Leaf

Too Short Fred - Meddaugh

Berenstain Bears & Too Much Teasing - Berenstain

Frederick - Lionni

I Hate My Brother Harry - Dragonwagon

The Quarreling Book - Zolotow

Stellaluna - Cannon

Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse - Lionni

Are You My Mother - Eastman

Chester's Way - Henkes

Fish Is Fish - Lionni

Inch by Inch - Lionni

The Ugly Duckling - Anderson

The Big Orange Splot - Pinkwater

Rosie the Cool Cat - Wilkon

D.W.'s Guide to Perfect Manners - Brown

Herbie Jones and the Second Grade Slippers - Kline

Whoopi's Big Book of Manners - Goldberg


For Older Kids

Black Beauty - Sewell

The Black Stallion - Farley

The Book of Virtues - Bennett

Charlotte's Web - White

The Friendship - Taylor

It's Like This, Cat - Neville

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Taylor

Summer of the Swans - Byars

The Trumpet of the Swan - White

Annie and the Old One - Miles

Felicia the Critic - Conford

Ordinary Spendors - Knapp

Altogether, One at a Time - Konigsburg

The House of Wings - Byars

Sixth-Grade Sleepover - Bunting

The Twelfth of June - Gould

Racing the Sun - Pitts

Holes - Sachar

Under the Blood Red Sun - Salisbury

Sideways Stories from Wayside School - Sachar

A View from Saturday - Konigsburg

Fables - Lobel

Aesop's Fables - Aesop

Maniac Magee - Spinelli

A Little Book of Manners - Barnes

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