Sharing and Caring

What is sharing

Ways to show you care and can share:

With your actions

With your words

With your thoughts

With material gifts


Start a service project

  1. Research your project.
  2. Form a team.
  3. Find a sponsor.
  4. Make a plan.
  5. Consider the recipient.
  6. Decide where you will perform your service.
  7. Get any permissions you need to proceed.
  8. Advertise.
  9. Fund-raise if necessary.
  10. When your project has ended, evaluate it. Reflect and see what has been accomplished. Are there things that can be improved the next time?


For Grades K-3

The Giving Tree - Silverstein

One Gift Deserves Another - Oppenheim

Tit for Tat - Van Woekrom

Harriet's Halloween Candy - Carlson

One of Each - Hoberman

The Boy Who Dreamed of an Acorn - Casler

Dragon Scales and Willow Leaves - Givens

The Mitten Tree - Christiansen

The Eagle's Gift - Martin

Alejandro's Gift - Albert

Angel Child, Dragon Child - Surat

The Doorbell Rang - Hutchins

The Legend of the Bluebonnet - De Paola

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear - Wood

The Mother's Day Mice - Bunting

The Rainbow Fish - Pfister

What Mary Jo Shared - Udry

The Velveteen Rabbit - Williams

Little Drummer Boy - Davis

Through Grandpa's Eyes - MacLachlan

Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas - Hoban

Apple Picking Time - Slawson

How Many Days to America? - Bunting

Want to Play - Moss

Thomas the Tank Engine books - Awdry

Ribbon Rescue - Munsch

The Table Where Rich People Sit - Baylor

Giving - Hughes

Sam and the Lucky Money - Chinn

The Book of Giving: Poems of Thanks, Praise, and Celebration - Chorao


For Grades 3-6

A Christmas Carol - Dickens

The Value of Sharing: the Story of the Mayo Brothers - Johnson

Dominic - Steig

The Gift of the Magi - O'Henry

The Patchwork Quilt - Flournoy

Robin Hood - Pyle

Sarah, Plain and Tall - MacLachlan

Summer of the Monkeys - Rawls

Johnny Appleseed

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar & Six More - Dahl

Guests - Dorris

Dicey's Song - Voigt

Monkey Island - Fox

Sarah Bishop - O'Dell

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