Roll of Thunder,

Hear My Cry

Quiz for Chapters 1-3


1. What state did this novel take place? What year was it?

2. Who are the four Logan children? How old are they? Describe their personalities.

3. How did the Logan's come to own the Granger plantation? What crop do they raise?

4. Where does Papa work? Where does he go? Why?

5. Who does the Logan children walk with in the morning? Why is this unusual?

6. What happens to the black children who walk to school?

7. Why was Little Man upset over his text book? What did he do to show demonstrate his feelings?

8. What was Miss Crocker's reaction to Little Man's behavior?

9. Who does Papa bring back from work? Why is he there?

10. What did the Logans do when the school bus continued to harass them on their way to school?


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