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Odyssey Online's Ancient Egypt web site - EXCELLENT!  Includes a map (complete with pronunciations!), and pages on People (including a link to "Find the Pharaoh's Fragment" game), Mythology (including the "Amulet Matching Game"), Daily Life (including "The Lotus Game"), Death and Burial (including the "Read the CT Scan Game"), Writing (including "The Papyrus Puzzler Game"), Archeology
Ancient Egypt Web Connection - LOTS of links to various student-produced and professional sites
Burial of Tutankhamun Web Quest
Ancient Egypt Web Quest -
Ancient Egypt Junior Web Quest
Ancient Egypt site created by two 4th graders with excellent material! Pages include: Daily life, Geography, Pharaohs, Mummification, Pyramids & Sphinx, Gods and Goddesses, & General Links
   The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs - a humorous site for both teachers and students with information and activities. Font!  Buttons, Backgrounds and Bars for web pages!  

Tour Egypt - Egyptian Ministry of Tourism's site


"Questions and Answers" Links:
The Land of the River - Why is the Nile so important to the people of Egypt?
Life by the Nile - What was life like in Egypt 3,000 years ago?
Daily Life - What was daily life like in Ancient Egypt?
Clothing - What did they wear?
The Ancient Egyptian Religion - What was the basis of all life for the Egyptians?
Ancient Egyptian Gods - Why were there so many animal deities?
Hieroglyphics and Writing - Who invented the first form of paper?  
Death and Burial Customs - Where did the Egyptians believe they went when they died?    
Mummification - Why was preservation so important?
Mummies - Why did they make mummies... and HOW?
Shabtis - What are shabtis... and how do you pronounce it?
Mastabas - What is a mastaba... and how do you pronounce it?
The Pyramids and the Sphinx - What was Napoleon doing in Egypt?
The Woman who was King - Who was the first female Pharaoh?
Famous Kings and Queens - So who was who in this vast civilization?
Virtual Mummy - What's inside a mummy? Click and find out!

Web Links to Images:
Links to GIF images of the deities: Anubis, Hathor, Horus, Isis, Maat, Osiris, Ra, Set, Sobek, Thoth
Gods and Goddesses Clip Art
The Egyptian Exhibit at the Cairo Museum - many images of jewelry, sculptures...
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston's Egyptian exhibit - Explore Ancient Egypt (with video overview of the collection!), Pharaohs of the Sun (with great introduction movie!), Collection Highlights
New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection -


Royalty Web Links
Short descriptions of and some images of these:
      Pharaohs: Ankhenaton, Ramses II, Seti I, Thutmose I, King Thutmose III, Imonhotep, Djoser, Tutankhamen
      Queens~ Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Hatshepsut
Online Egyptian Word Search

Archaeological Digs/Sites:
The Tomb of Senneferi dig (with links to QTVR movies)
Ancient Egyptian Monuments - This site has photos, easy-to-understand information, and a tie-in with the Sphinx. After each paragraph is a link to a Real Audio file that actually reads the paragraph to you!
Nova's Pyramids site - with QTVRs and the inside story!

Language Arts Links/Activities:
The Cult of the Cat - an online story with beautiful illustrations which begins in ancient Egypt and ends in present day California. (Great background image on page also!)
How the Egyptians Made Mummies Mad Lib - fill in the text fields and create a silly story!
The Curse of the Pharaoh Mad Lib - fill in the text fields and create a silly story!
Student Created Egyptian Dictionaries
Send an Ancient Egypt Cybercard
Personal Pyramid - Students construct a 3-dimensional paper pyramid, cover the inside walls with pictures representing their lives, and write an autobiography.
Your Own Book - After reading a story set in ancient Egypt, students write, illustrate a story and construct their own books.
   Writing with Hieroglyphs - another great page by the Chihuahua Pharaohs with a helpful chart of this phonetic language.

The Fruity Pharaohs - A hands-on mummification simulation where kids create mummies by following ancient Egyptian embalming customs as closely as possible.
Egyptian Profile Portraits
Scarab Paper Weights. Sand Art. Hieroglyphic Papyrus Art. Sarcophagus Drawing
How to Draw Like an Egyptian
Nine Men's Morris - learn how to play at this student-created page
Play Mummified, The Match Game - by Discovery Online
Design and Make an Ancient Egyptian Box -
Wall Relief Plaque - use plaster poured into a shallow pan to carve your own Egyptian tomb
Canopic Jars - use plastic squeeze bottles and gauze wrap to create your own canopic jars
Personal Cartouche - after studying hieroglyphs students carve or mold their names phonetically in hieroglyph plaques
Equation Quilt - after studying ancient Egyptian numbers students cut numbers out of fabric to make a quilt pattern.
Egyptian Cubit Stick - students make a 21" cubit measuring stick, subdivided into digits and palms to measure and record objects in the classroom          Ancient Egyptian Number Symbols Chart
Egypt Weather Journals - use the Internet to track temperature in Cairo, Egypt to understand how weather conditions affect lifestyles. Convert centigrade to Fahrenheit measurements.
How Old is Old? - students use decimeter squares to measure their lifespans and create a metric-based time line going back to ancient Egypt
Egyptian Market Day - students make products based on ancient Egyptian objects and trade them with each other in a market place setting
Color Me Egypt - Download an ancient Egyptian coloring book and more!
Egyptian Coloring Book - download and print out excellent line art drawings from the Cleveland Museum of Art
Egyptian Recipes
Build a Paper Model of a Pharaoh's Death Mask - print out patterns and assemble

Teacher Ideas:

People ideas from Odyssey Online!
Daily Life ideas from Odyssey Online
Death and Burial ideas from Odyssey Online
Writing ideas from Odyssey Online
Archaeology ideas from Odyssey Online
Ancient Egypt Bingo Test Review Game & Unit Test
Ancient Egypt - Web-based curriculum resources which can be used to supplement and extend the grade 6 unit on Ancient Egypt and the Kingdom of Kush. (from Oakland California) EXCELLENT resource!!!
Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans and Activities from the Detroit Institute of Art
Planning Guide for Ancient Egypt by Mary Crawford and Glenda Woodburn for 6th grade

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