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How to write a Public Service Announcement

from "The Kid's Guide to Social Action" by Barbara Lewis.
Free Spirit Publishing. 80-81. Complete the PSA sheet in 8 steps.

  1. Write the name and address of your school, company, or organization at the top

  2. Brieftly describe your target audience (the people you want to reach with your message).

  3. List the dates your PSA should begin and end running on the air.

  4. List a contact person (you?) and a phone number (use the school's main phone number (808) 689-1200). Include an email address, if you have one. These information allows the radio or television station to contact you regarding your video.

  5. Briefly state your topic (what your PSA is about).

  6. Write the text. Read it aloud to see how long your PSA will be and adjust your text as needed to fit the time slot. You could include two versions: a short one (maybe 30 seconds) and a longer version (45 seconds or 1 minute). This will give you a choice for your final submission.

  7. Be sure to include the length of your video (not including TRT and end credits).

  8. Write "-end-" at the bottom. This means that the text of the PSA is finished.

This is how your final PSA sheet should look like:

Public Service Announcement

750 West Second South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

TARGET AUDIENCE: youth groups, adult supervisors
BEGINNING DATE: September 1, 1997 ENDING DATE: October 1, 1997
CONTACT PERSON: Donald Seher PHONE: 555-2022


30 seconds, 63 words

Plant a tree today to save our future. Trees save more than money. They can save our environment.

Trees recycle water and prevent soil erosion. One tree in its average 50-year lifetime will provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control.

One tree.

Matching grants of money are available to school children throughout Utah to plant trees. For more information, call 467-HERB.



(Written by Donald Seher, sixth grade, Jackson Elementary)


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