Pahoa Elementary School History


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Pahoa Elementary School officially began on July 1, 1993, as a result of a legislative bill which separated Pahoa High and Intermediate from Pahoa Elementary. Prior to this date, the school was part of a K - 12 setting known as Pahoa High and Elementary School which dates back to 1914.

Over the years, the student population fluctuated due to the economic changes in the Pahoa area. Within the last ten years, Pahoa has experienced a rapid growth. Pahoa Elementary School shares campus facilities such as the cafeteria, gymnasium and library with Pahoa High & Intermediate School and the community.

Pahoa Elementary School presently services many rural communities including, but not limited to: Nanawale, Leilani Estates, Kalapana, Kapoho, Orchidland, Hawaiian Paradise Park, Ainaloa, and Hawaiian Beaches/Hawaiian Shores. School bus transportation is provided daily to nearly 85% of the student population.

The community of Pahoa is located in the Puna District on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is approximately 20 miles southeast of the city of Hilo, the county seat. Puna land still remains relatively affordable and development of the subdivisions continues.

Diversified agriculture and construction are the primary industries in the area. The population is somewhat young and mostly in the lower socio-economic rung. Approximately 85% of the students receive free or reduced priced meals based on assistance figures. In recent times, the school has had an influx of students from Oahu and the other neighbor islands. Additionally, immigrant families from the Philippines and other southeast Asian countries continue to move into the Pahoa community. The Filipino and Asian ethnic populations are steadily increasing.

Mindful of the quickly changing society surrounding the school, Pahoa Elementary School continues to strive to provide quality educational opportunities for all of its students. The teachers and staff take pride in being on the "cutting edge" of curriculum and instruction. The school is striving to provide standards-based instruction and assessment that coincide with Superintendent LeMahieu's direction for the State. The leadership will continue to move Pahoa Elementary School forward in this changing and challenging society.