Web Design Evaluation

Rubric Criteria: 3 = Excellent, 2 = Average, and 1 = Poor.
Descriptors are included for each level.

Technical Design

Most pages download very slowly and may not fit in window. Excessive scrolling is necessary.

Pages download in a reasonable length of time and fits most windows. Scrolling is not excessive.

Pages download in quickly and the wait time is minimal. Someone using a 640 X 480 monitor doesn't have to scroll to the right. Site has been checked on multiple browsers/platforms.


Not aesthetically pleasing. Background and colors conflict with text, text too small, etc.

Graphics download quickly and are relevant, text is easy to read. Background is subdued and coordinate with text colors and graphics.

The pages are designed attractively and will entice users to further exploration.


No style consistency (each page is different) nor consistant links on each page. Site is hard to navigate and easy to get lost in.

Site is organized and it's structure and style makes sense. Mostly easy to navigate. Some pages with no return links.

Site is well-organized and intuitive. Easy to navigate. Multi-pages exhibit consistency.

Ease of site navigation

Too few broken links. No return links or buttons.

Links provided to other pages and sites operate efficiently

Users will find pages interlinked, with every page having a working link to another on the site.

Use of graphics

Graphics detract from site. No graphics or overload of graphics. Some graphics too large and load too slowly.

Graphics are used to illustrate content and are appropriate in number and style.

The graphics aid users in using this site and aesthetically enhance it.

Sounds and videos

Sounds and videos load without user request.

Some sounds or videos, but they distract from site or load too slowly.

Sounds and/or videos load by user request and enhance other aspects of the site.


No valid or valuable information

Information is accurate, complete (including citations), and current.

The information and links are clearly labeled and organized and is meaningful and important.


No sign of currency.

Pages appear current but few are dated.

The site was recently revised and dated.

Availability of further information

No contact person/author or email address.

A contact person/author or email address is available.

A contact person/author and email address is readily available.

Advanced design

This would include frames, JAVA, RealAudio, RealVideo,

Use of advanced design shuts out many users or does not function correctly and serve no real purpose.

Advanced design elements add to site, but many browsers or monitor sizes could not use.

Advanced design features work well on most browsers and monitor sizes. Adds to relevancy of site.


Last updated: July 27, 1999

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