Okay, zoologists, your mission is to:
1. Visit all of these sites and decide on a freshwater animal YOU are very interested in becoming an expert on!
2. Learn all you can online and from our classroom resources about your animal!
3. Create a project to share your expertise with everyone else in our class!


Visit these links to find out information about animals living in freshwater habitats:

eNature Field Guides - fantastic link for all animals! Great photos and information and organized well.
   Fishes   Reptiles and Amphibians    Mammals   Birds    Insects and Spiders   

   Wetland Habitat Animals: Lakes and Ponds, Rivers and Streams, Freshwater Swamps, Marshes and Bogs  

Birmingham Zoo - the Animal Omnibus: a great source for animal research (animal sounds too)

Oregon Zoo - From Antelopes to Zebras: information about animals from around the world. Includes scientific name, adaptations and coloration, behavior, reproduction and life span, diet, habitat and range, current status.

Zoonet - Animal Pictures

Freshwater Ecosystems

Something Froggy from Franklin Institute Online

Electronic Zoo Animal Site - you can search to find links to images, sounds...



Live Alligator Cam

Croc Hunter Live Cam

Rivers seen from space photos

Wacky Tales - you add some words according to parts of speech and they are added to the story Joe's Frog!


Project possibilities:

  web page
  HyperStudio stack
  puppet show
  picture book
  written report
  comic book
  oral report
  Scientist's Notebook
  you propose an idea!

Please write to us!

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