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James makes his own web page up with AWESOME pictures of his Grandfather during World War II!!!!


Reading Calendar Drawing! Who's the latest winner?

We are ending the school year with a unit on Pirates!
Come see! Check out the links to some students' new pages!

"Trace Your Face"
Our latest CheatSheet activity!

Students take a digital picture, open it in PhotoShop, create a new layer and trace over their face! Then they turn off the photo layer and are left with their artwork which they can color to look realistic or stylized!
(CheatSheet Tutorial Page)

Mrs. Mosher (Aunty Dayna) has helped us again this year with P.E.!  One of our class' favorite games is Pin Dodgeball.

Kenny's papier mache crocodile!
(Can't you just feel the love??)

Who says girls don't want to be scientists?
The "ladies" check out our brine shrimp!


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This Week's Poet of the Week is...




Click here to hear Ceriann recite her poem!

Nightly Spelling Homework

Mon.: Read words with parent. Write each word 3-5 times.
Tue.: Read words with parent. Write each word in a sentence.
Wed.: Spelling Homework Choices: Read words with a parent. Then choose one activity from this list:
  •Fancy Letters: Use old magazines or catalogs to cut out letters and glue down to spell all of your words.
  •Concentration Game: Make pairs of word cards. Flip them over and match them up.
  •Mixed Up Words: Have a partner write your words in mixed up order. Then YOU try to solve them.
  •Hangman: Play using your words.
  •Sign Your Words: Use sign language to finger-spell each word.
  •Story Time: Write a story using all of your words. Add an illustration if you wish!
Thur.: Read words with parent. Take a practice test. Write any incorrect words 5 times.

Web Pages created for our classroom!

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