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Overview of Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet is basically a ledger on a computer. A spreadsheet application program can manipulate numbers and data in rows and columns. Each piece of data lies in a cell and can be calculated from a formula which can involve other cells. Recalculations are instantaneous. A spreadsheet drastically diminishes the need for a traditional calculator.

Spreadsheets can also be an excellent tool to organize information that is less numerical. In many ways it can be as functional as a database. Sorting information and publishing reports based on specifically sorted information is all possible in a spreadsheet.

Here are some common spreadsheet applications:

  • Microsoft Excel*
  • Microsoft Works
  • AppleWorks
  • Claris Works
  • Corel Quattro Pro*
  • StarOffice

The titles in green are only sold as an integrative software package, and the "*" refers to those titles sold individually or part of an integrative "suite".

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