Major Terms and Concepts: Progressivism

Major Themes and Ideas for Essays: Progressive Movement

  1. Compare and contrast the Populist and Progressive movements
  2. Compare Progressivism and Jacksonianism.
  3. List the social, economic, political and intellectual sources of Progressivism
  4. Describe the goals of Progressivism; its successes, failures
  5. Compare the political philosophies of Progressivism, Conservatism, and Socialism
  6. Can you see progressives as the new Federalists: Compare Hamilton's program and Progressivism
  7. Address progressivism as an answer to the problems raised by immigration and urbanization
  8. Address progressivism as the have-nots against the haves: role of labor unions, immigrants, blacks, women and urban poor
  9. How is Charles Beard's An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution a reflection of its times?
  10. Respond: "There wasn't one but many parallel "Progressive movements."
  11. What did Progressivism seek to preserve in American life?
  12. Explain how corporations and unions both wanted governmental protection but not governmental regulation
  13. Trace the regulation of big business and court interpretations from the Interstate Commerce Commission Act to U.S. vs. United States Steel Corporation in 1920.
  14. Trace the long history of a reform such as Prohibition, women's rights, or banking.
  15. How did Supreme Court interpretations effect changing economic and social conditions, 1890-1920?
  16. Describe the significant elections of1900, 1912, 1920
  17. Explain the struggles within the parties, 1900-1912
  18. Compare and contrast the programs and admnistrations of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson: banking, railroads, trusts, tariffs, etc.
  19. Compare and contrast the presidencies of Taft, Roosevelt, and Wilson: are there real differences or differing philosophies of the office of the president?
  20. Compare Congress versus Johnson with Congress versus Wilson
  21. Is Progressivism a liberal or conservative movement?