Title of Unit

Standard Based Lesson Plan Template


Response to Questions for Components

Title of Lesson- What is the title of the Unit?


Broad Understanding (Big ideas): What are the generalizations or big "over- arching" concepts that connects to the real world that this project is trying to suggest? ex. -patterns in mathematical, cycle of nature, system are made up of parts that work together


Driving Questions (essential questions)-What are the essential questions that are problem/issue-based that pushes the entire unit toward the culminating task.?



CulminatingActivity-What project(s) was selected that requires students to know and perform standards? ex. - debates, multimedia project, write an editorial, prepare a newspaper




Hawaii Content Standards-Performance Standards




Learning Experiences- What activities will help the students meet the standards and culminating task?




Assessment/Rubric - How are the students to be assessed for its course work?

MarcoPolo Resources for Students
Include on-line resources from MarcoPolo website