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Rubric Development

Project Goal Statement: To prove that your thinking/ perception of learning has, indeed, been transformed. Design and implement an activity that will both instigate and validate some sort of "out of the box," transformation experience.

National Educational Technology Standards for Students

Qualities set up in project description:

  • Degree of transformation: high, medium, low
  • Applicability to target audience
  • Potential for replication
  • Thoughtful and comprehensive description of team roles and reflection on project

Qualities brought up in chat discussions among participants--I have converted them into assessment 'statements' that you can use or adapt for your project

  • To what degree does the project challenge the traditional role of teacher and student?
  • Does the project transform certain aspects of our learning environment?
  • To what degree does the project transform how our school works?
  • Does the project allow students to take on more responsibility in their own assessment?
  • Does the project get teachers to teach a particular topic in a new way, using technology like they've never done before? "Stretching" them "out" into a new "world," incorporating the world?
  • Does the project consider how people learn, all the different ways and address those learning styles in a transformational way?
  • Does the project establish a learning community in which students teach teachers as they learn together and teachers learn from and begin to trust students?

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