by Sean

Inside the tepee

    Did you know that the Blackfoot lived in large tepees? The men entered the village to the right and the women entered the village to the left. Blackfoot women built these cone-shaped homes by covering long poles with many buffalo skins.
The tepees were laced from the bottom to the smoke hole with pins carved from  willow woods. The Blackfoot painted symbols like stripes on a buffalo head to protect the tepee owner against sickness and bad luck. The hem was pegged to the ground with stakes but raised in hot weather to let in air. The entrance or door was made from a flap of skin and was oval or v-shaped
The fire was placed under the smoke hole, and the wood pile was near the door. The smoke flap could be opened from the inside with a pair of long poles. Families kept everything they owned inside their tepee. There was a kitchen, bedroom, play room, living room and shed all in this one space.
Picture of Blackfoot Shelter