Built: From March 1994 to December 1994 at Waimea Valley on the Big Island.
Purpose: Because the only canoe at the time it was built was the Hokule'a, the Na Kalae Wa'a built the canoe so that the children & community of the Big Island would have an opportunity to learn a major part of their cultural by sailing a Polynesian Voyaging canoe using ancient Polynesian navigational techniques.
The Makali'i is homebased at Kawaihae on the Island of Hawai'i (the Big Island) and is owned by no one person or organization since it was built by the Big Island community with donations from the people. It is maintained by the Na Kalae Wa'a [phone #: (808) 885-9500] who also maintains an education program using the canoe as its platform. It's maiden Voyage, to Raiatea in Tahiti, the Marquases and back, was made in 1995 during the Hawai'iloa Celebration.

RealMedia Video of
the Makali'i-1995