Keoni Watson is one of most influential surfers I know. He is a role model for young surfers, and has accomplished a lot in the surfing world. He surfed as a pro surfer for a while and now is the sales representative for Billabong. He started off boogie boarding when he was 4 or 5 and got his first surfboard when he was 10. The first contest he entered was the Rell Sunn Menehune. He later joined the HSA ameture surfing curcuit, where he picked up his first sponsers, Necter surfboards, Victory wetsuits, and Hot Tuna. I had the opportunity to interveiw him and asked him about his life of surfing.

How was it, making the trasformation from pro surfer to sales representitive?

It wasn't that hard, I've been in the surfing industry for 12 years. I understand how it work, but there are things I need to learn, like the technical buisness, and the numbers. As far as marketing and sales, I know how the industry works. The only bad thing is that I dont get to go surfing as much.

What do you do as the sales representative for Billabong?

I do their sales and marketing for Hawai'i, Guam, and Saipan. I scout locations for new accounts and servace the existing ones . Basically everything that you see in surf shops that is Billabong, I ordered.

What do you do when you arn't working and there arn't any waves?

I play basketball, ride downhill skateboards, and train for big wave surfing?

What kind of conditioning do you do in preperation for riding big waves?

running sand, weight training, yoga streching exercises, and running stairs, are good for conditioning.

What are some of your favorite surfspots?

Pipeline, Makaha point, and some of the outer reefs on the North shore.

Thanks Keoni.

Yeah. Get ready Yogi, Jun, Lepord, Buckwheat, and John are coming over. We're going to play basketball.


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