Top row (standing): Joseph Lyman, Brady Marinas, Jonah Kaimuloa,
Jonathan Quindica, John Amina, Wilhelm Wahner, Lemel Lomboy, Harry
Coronel (Kneeing): Waylon Josue, Wade Miura (Sitting): Robert Sylva,
Jeremy Kauwe, Damon Feleti, Cassius Naki, Roger Cordeiro, Paul Kaio.

Wow! Congratulations to the #1 1997 Waianae Volleyball Boys Team. They went into the playoffs with a record of 8-1. The first round was against Roosevelt, then Farrington. In the championship round they played Pearl City (the only team that gave them a lost during the regular season) to determine who would be the 1997 OIA Champs.

Being the youngest and only freshmen on the team #2 Paul Kaio says "I feel good because I like playing with all the Big Boy'z. "Opposite Setter #1 Wade Miura, feels that the coaches expects him to do good because "When they put me in it's for a good reason, and they want us to try our best. "Junior #10 Cassius Naki playing volleyball for his first year in high school feels, "Playing volleyball for Waianae has been a blast! So far not only did I gain my skills in volleyball but I also met a lot of new friends and have a lot of fun. "Outside hitter, and Middle blocker #15 Joe Lyman had finally tried out for the team his senior year, because he said " I thought about trying out last year but I was too late and this year I told myself I have to do something in high school that will make me look back on what I did as a student in W.H.S."

"Teamwork, is the most important factor. Volleyball is not an individual sport. Therefore, it takes teamwork to succeed. Success does not neccesarily mean winning the game. It means, whether we won or lost, success or defeat was met with unified effort." said assistant coach Pat Moananu.