Job Description:

Technology Coordinator

A Collaborative Description

Submitted By Erlinda Bukoski, Judy Cabanting, Lois Inouye, Shari Makizuru, Lance Martell, Leah Aiwohi, and Lynne Sueoka.

As Educators we believe that we are responsible for nurturing active lifelong learners and preparing them to be responsible, contributing members of society and active global citizens who can use technology as a tool to shape their community and their lives. We also believe that learning is an on-going process and that a learner is one who acquires knowledge through multi-sensory experiences.

As facilitators of learning we agree that technology is a powerful tool in education and that our students need to know what the tools of technology are and be able to use, discover, learn with and enjoy these technological tools. But tools must be maintained, individuals must be trained and help needs to be readily available if students and teachers are to be successful and productive with the tools of technology afforded them in our schools.

The ideal school Technology coordinator would:
  1. ensure that teacher inservice training is ongoing in the school.
  2. organize and be responsible for the continued development of Technology Cadres (consisting of teachers and students) in the school.
  3. be responsible for training and utilizing a technology cadre consisting of teachers and students to help assist in training, trouble shooting and installations of hardware and software.
  4. participate in the continued development, with the administration and faculty, spectrum of skills for students to be able to attain, with benchmarks and timeframes, from K through 6.
  5. be responsible for coordinating the maintainance of the school's LAN system utilizing outside support from vendors, independent contractors, etc.
  6. have an awareness of the many technical developments in the school.
  7. be aware of what budget allocations are available so new equipment can be placed in the school and existing equipment can be repaired and mantained as necessary.
  8. work cooperatively and productively with the school administration and faculty. "People" skills are needed because everyone works at different levels when they are being trained on "how to" use technology.
  9. be responsible for the updating the school's hardware inventory.
  10. help establish support groups for new technology based programs introduced by the school administration.
  11. have the School's Acceptable Use Policy and Copyright policies updated and distributed to all persons in the school. Record keeping and distribution can be determined by the coordinator as it best suits the school.

In Conclusion, we believe that a School Technology Coordinator is necessary for the productive use and success of technology in the school. We also believe that the Technology Coordinator has a great number of duties and responsibilities and needs the support of the school administration, teachers and students. We know from experience that no one individual can handle the basic duties of trouble shooting computers in a school, setting up computers in classrooms and loading software, while being a fulltime classroom teacher. We believe that for all the benefits of technology, we owe it to our students, ourselves and our global community to have a school position dedicated to having a School Technology Coordinator.

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